« Stanislav greatly impressed me on set; he has a remarkable ability to immediately get into character when the « action » is called, regardless of the circumstances, which is rare for an actor of his age. »

Tommy MAURICE – Sound Engineer – short film TAMINO – Grand Prix au Fastival Klap Klap 2023

« Stanislav was selected for the role of Noham due to the intensity of his gaze! That’s what immediately convinced all of us; the strength he infused into his performance deeply moved us. Stanislav is also great at improvisation, and he enjoys it. »

IAD ARTSteam – short film NOHAM – selection at Belgian Cinema Festival in Moustier 2023

« Stanislav is highly receptive, quick to grasp concepts, and extremely dedicated. »

Ludovic SALVADOR, actor – short film MY CHILDNikon Festival 2023





« Stanislav is a remarkable young boy who exudes energy and joyfulness, but once the word « action » is spoken, he undergoes a complete transformation. It’s incredible to see him effortlessly step into the role of Robin, a reserved character that contrasts with his own personality. What’s even more impressive is that he portrays it so naturally, even at the young age. I also greatly appreciated his ideas and suggestions, as they provided me with a fresh vision for the film. Collaborating with Stanislav has been an absolute delight! »

Clara DIET – director of DRIFT