NOHAM, written and directed by Marie FOTSO and Victorine DURMORT, earned Stanislav a Nomination for Best Performance Award at the Waterstrite Film Festival 2024.

The short film won in 2024:

Congratulations to the talented filmmakers Victorine Durmort and Marie Fotso for their remarkable direction of the film NOHAM, as well as the entire team and MédIADiffusion !

The short film NOHAM was also selected to be showcased at the 35th Belgian Cinema Festival in Moustie in 2023.

The day of the family Christmas party, 7yr old Noham is dropped off by his father at a hotel where he is reunited with his mother, whom he hasn’t seen since she moved out of the family home. During this particular afternoon, Noham tries to unravel the mystery that lies behind his mother’s isolation.


TAMINO, written and directed by Justine MORIN, is produced by Starboard et F-Action-Production won in 2023 :

Congratulations to Justin Morin and the entire F-Action-Production team, a united, motivated, ambitious, and efficient group; a perfect blend of professionalism, diverse talents, and original ideas; flawless organization that instills confidence in the actor and provides the opportunity to contribute to the creation of their character. Well done!

The short film tells the story of Charlie, who believes that Tamino, the ghost of the house, is still around. Charlie hears him under the bed and decides to prepare a plate to share a meal with Tamino.


The short film IMAGINE WITH EMOTIONS was officially selected in 2023 during the 13th edition of the KLAP KLAP Festival in Nancy. This family project fills us all with pride !

In this captivating short film, we follow Simis, a fearless young boy who courageously embarks on a search for his lost dogs in a mysterious forest. Inspired by his father’s wise words, Simis calls upon his imagination and emotions to bring his loyal companions back to him.